Fitness Programs

Drums Alive!

Tuesdays: 5:30 PM

Exciting fitness experience that incorporates the pulsating rhythm of drums with the dynamic movement of dance. It allows for expression and creativity, provides an impressive degree of fitness and, most importantly, it is fun!

Active Adaptive Fitness

Tuesdays: 10:45 AM

A group exercise program specifically designed to improve muscle strength, balance, and general mobility, includeing walking. It includes elements of strength training, heart fitness, felxibility, balance and coordination.


Thursdays: 9:30 AM

A fun and easy fusion of Latin dance exercises and workout that will tone your musckes and body. It’s an aerobic fitness with a combination of fast and slow moves that will leave you feeling energized. You can also workout seated.

Social Programs

Just Crafting Around

Tuesdays: 12:30 PM

Whether you are a serious crafter or just looking for a place to finish your quiliting project thi is the group for you. It’s a casual drop-in bring your own craft program where you can stitch the afternoon away.


Tuesdays: 1:00 PM

Play bridge with our experienced bridge playes. Bridge is a game that helps with concentration, problem solving, and develops team work and communication skills but, most importantly, it is fun to get together and play.

Mah Jong

Mondays: 12:30 PM

Mah Jong is a tile based game originally from China. It is played with four players around the table. It is an excellent social game that helps improve memory skills and sharpen the mind. It helps people ti make faster decisions and better observations.

Special Programs

Line Dancing

Fridays: 11:30 AM

If you can walk, then you can dance. Set to country music with easy to follow dance moves that will have you moving. This is a fun exercise program that will leave you energized and singing.

Relaxing Tai Chi

Thursday: 1:00 PM

Learn and practice slow and controlled gentle movements while relaxing your mind and body. With an emphasis on general health and fitness, Tai Chi & Yoga will help you improve your blood circulation, flexibility, and endurance.

Floor Curling

Mondays: 1:00 AM

Floor curling is a safe way to continue curling without being on the ice. This game has been designed to encourage people to stay active by increasing their flexibility, range of motion, and blood circulation. Bring a friend and have fun!

Wednesday Programs

Adult Day Club

Wednesdays: 9:30 – 2:30 PM

Come enjoy bingo, current events, entertainment and wellness speakers. Experience friends and fellowship with new activities such as: Rehabilitation fitness class and art therapy group led by experts. Transportation and a delicious lunch is included.

Image by Aaron Burden


Explore our seasonal program guide to stay in touch with everything that's going on at Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre. 





This fall Gwen Secter will be hosting a ten week virtual concert series every Monday at 9 AM. We invite you to join us on our website and enjoy the live performances of artists from all around the city.

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Book our spacious main room or board rooms to host a wide variety events such as birthdays, anniversaries, shiva meals, special group events, unveiling, reception and more. All food must be ordered from our wonderful Food Services Department, as our facility is strictly kosher. No outside can be brought in. Request for quotes by either emailing or calling us today.

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